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FP Markets Social Trading : Easy Ways to Find Profit Opportunities in the Market

FP Markets Social Trading – In recent years, social trading has become lively in the conversation of traders around the world. A trading platform that allows beginner traders to copy trades of professional traders. It’s safe to say that social trading is an easy way to find opportunities to profit in the forex market for beginners.

FP Markets is one of the few regulated forex brokers that also offers social trading on their trading platform. Not unlike the features of other social trading platforms, FP Markets social trading also allows beginners traders to copy professional traders with various filtering features to filter signal provider traders.

FP Markets Social Trading


What is FP Markets Social Trading?

FP Markets Social Trading is a cutting-edge approach to trading that uses the strength of social networks and online communities to encourage the sharing of trading concepts, approaches, and insights. It is available on the FP Markets brokerage trading platform. Social trading enables traders to connect and follow the tactics of seasoned investors in real-time, in contrast to traditional trading, where individuals make autonomous decisions based on their analysis.

Benefits of FP markets Social Trading

  • Learning Opportunities
    Social trading provides an engaging learning environment for newcomers. You learn about the thinking behind trading choices, risk management strategies, and market analysis as you follow seasoned traders and participate in conversations.
  • Diversification Trading Strategy
    Investors may simply diversify their portfolios through social trading. You may spread the risk over several assets and methods, minimising the effect of a single transaction on your whole portfolio, by following multiple traders with varying trading philosophies.
  • Profit Opportunity Copying Successful Traders
    With the features provided by the trading platform, novice traders have the opportunity to profit from copying successful traders on the FP Markets social trading platform


How to Start Copy Trading

To get started with copy trading at FP Markets, traders followers can take the following steps :

#1 Register to FP Markets : Visit to register. Read FP Markets registration guide

#2 Choose the best traders to follow. :Find and follow the most successful traders. You can use the detailed Rating Page. FP Markets ranks Providers based on their profitability over a certain period of time. It includes full trading history and past performance. To imitate their trading behavior simply click ‘ Follow ‘.

#3 Copy and Control : Traders can copy one or many signal providers. The control is in the hands of the trader, you can activate and deactivate copy trading with the push of a button


To get started with copy trading at FP Markets, traders providers can take the following steps :

#1 Register to FP Markets : Visit to register. Read FP Markets registration guide

#2 Go to the Provider Registration Portal and complete the registration form using your MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5 credentials.

#3 In order to have an active Provider account you must ‘Create an Offer’. Name your offer, select a performance fee and choose an interval at which it will be charged.


FP Markets social trading is a win-win platform for follower traders or signal providers. This social trading platform is designed for mutual benefit between traders or one another. Are you a trader who has used the FP Markets broker ? You can’t go wrong with this feature of the FP Markets social trading platform. But if you are a trader who has never used FP Markets to trade, you can try the FP Markets demo account first to experience the comfort of the trading platform at FP Markets

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