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happy holiday

Happy Holidays from the Exness

2022 was a crazy year. We saw stocks fall from all-time-highs, cryptocurrencies entered a chilly winter, and many fiat currencies lost in a battle against a volatile USD.

The new year approaches, and it’s time to put your feet up and take a few days to rest and reflect on your trading performance. Here are a few thoughts for you to consider taking note of this holiday season.

  1. What were your worst trading decisions this year?

  2. What were your greatest successes?

  3. Which assets worked better for you?

  4. Which trading times best suited your trading strategy?

  5. Which leverage setting yielded the most favorable results?

Make a note so that when you start trading in 2023, you’ll be focusing on your strengths and not your failures.

If you are going to trade over the holiday season, Christmas day falls on Sunday, so the market will be closed on Monday, 26 December 2022.

When the market reopens on Tuesday, 27 September, watch out for the Santa Claus rally. It doesn’t happen every year, so trade wisely. Keep the Exness Trader app open and monitor your orders often.

Rest is also important. Traders can burn out from stress. The holiday season is the perfect time to focus on you, your friends, and family. It’s important to stay healthy in body and mind, so don’t feel guilty if you decide to spend time away from the charts. Rest, reset, and come back stronger.

We’d like to thank you for dedicating your time to reading the Exness blog, and we hope you discovered valuable insights and perspectives that have been beneficial to you and your trading experience.

There will be lots happening to the Exness blog in 2023. We’ve got a lot of new features planned, so come back next year and follow our evolution.

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season full of love and laughter, and a prosperous new year full of optimism and opportunity.

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