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How to Change Leverage on an FP Markets Account

How to Change Leverage on an FP Markets AccountFP Markets is one of the best forex brokers with tight spreads. Trading on FP Markets offers the benefits that many traders in the world desire. FP Markets offers several types of accounts with various types of base currencies, one of which is USD and ZAR accounts.

At FP Markets traders can use maximum leverage up to 1:500, this leverage is available for all FP Markets account types. The leverage used can be changed by the trader at any time, of course according to the trader’s needs. Here’s how to change leverage on FP Markets

1. Log in to your FP Markets client area , If you don’t have an account yet, read how to open FP Markets accounts first

2. Click action on the right of your trading account list

How to change leverage on FP Markets

3. Scroll down and find leverage sections

How to change leverage on FP Markets 2

4. Select the desired leverage, then click “Save & Update

5. Finish

Before changing your leverage, make sure you have no open positions on your trading account. Having an open position may increase your trading risk, and may not be permitted to change leverage.

FP Markets offers a variety of trading instruments including precious metals such as gold and silver, forex and stocks. If you want to try using the FP Markets platform, you can visit, there is also an FP Markets demo account which is safer for beginners learning to trade forex.

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