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JustMarkets Trading Commission Update for Raw Spreads Account

JustMarkets is one of the forex brokers regulated by the FSA (Seychelles), the JustMarkets company offers a variety of trading instruments that can be traded on several types of accounts according to trader needs. For beginner traders, JustMarkets offers a $30 no deposit bonus to try their platform.

JustMarkets Accounts

There is updated information regarding trading commissions impacting the JustMarkets ” Raw Spreads ” account type. Effective from September 30,2023.  The commission for Raw Spread accounts on specific instruments will be updated as follows:

$3 per lot/side will be applied to all Forex instruments.


$3 per lot/side will be applied to all Metals.


AU200: $0.10 per lot/side
DE40: $2.00 per lot/side
ES35: $1.00 per lot/side
EU50: $1.00 per lot/side
FR40: $1.00 per lot/side
HK50: $0.10 per lot/side
JP225: $1.00 per lot/side
UK100: $0.25 per lot/side
US100: $1.00 per lot/side
US30: $1.00 per lot/side
US500: $0.50 per lot/side
SG20: $10.00 per lot/side
CHA50: $0.50 per lot/side

Please note: For accounts denominated in currencies other than USD, the commission will be equivalent to $3 based on the current exchange rate of the account’s currency.

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