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Land-fx copy trading platform

Land-FX Copy Trading Platform : Attractive features for traders

Land-FX is a globally recognized CFD and forex broker, the company serves both individual traders and institutional clients. Land-FX offers great trading conditions, state-of-the-art technology and unmatched customer support. One interesting feature recently launched is the copy trading platform, a trading feature that allows traders to copy trades of other traders on the land-fx trading platform.

Understanding the Land-FX Copy Trading Platform

The Land-FX copy trading platform is an online platform that facilitates the practice of copy trading at the Land-FX broker. Copy trading itself is a method where investors can automatically copy trades made by other experienced traders. The platform allows users to browse a variety of trading strategies, select traders to copy, and mirror their trades in real-time.

The Mechanism Behind Land-FX Copy Trading

In order to participate in copy trading at Land-FX, investors need to register with the Land-FX broker first. Once connected with Land-FX, traders get access to a complete list of experienced traders along with their performance statistics and trading strategies. Users can then choose the trader they wish to imitate based on their preference and risk tolerance.

How to use Land-FX Copy Trading Platform ? 

To use this copy trading feature, traders need to perform a few steps. Follow the step bellow :

how to register Land-fx copy trading platform

  1. Please Open Land-FX Live Account and do KYC
  2. After complered , please go to and login on there using your MT4 / MT5 account
  3. Do some research on the leader you want, After analyzing the Leader’s trading history based on your personal preferences, you can request a copy.
  4. Set the value in “ My Page > Setting ” for reducing the risk from the selecting leader.
  5. After finishing the setting, Click the ‘ Active ‘ button for activation trading and watch the trading

You have copied the leader trader registered in land-fx, you can monitor your account progress to see trading history. If you are interested in using this platform, you can try it by following the steps above. If you have problems, you can ask Land-FX broker support

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