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Tickmill Copy Trading Platform Feature

Tickmill Social Trading : Broker Features Many traders are looking for

Tickmill Social TradingTickmill is one of the brokers with tight spreads and low commissions that are widely used by traders around the world. This broker offers favorable trading conditions for all traders, offered very tight spread and commissions. The tickmill spreads from 0.0 pips and $2 commission per standard lot on VIP account types.

A trading platform that is also in great demand by traders who use the tickmill broker is their copy trading feature. This feature allows novice traders to copy successful traders in the world on the tickmill trading platform. Tickmill copy trading is one of the features that has caught the attention of traders at tickmill brokers recently, and maybe you are one of the traders who now also uses the copy trading feature at the tickmill broker.

Tickmill Copy Trading Platform


Are you a successful trader at tickmill broker ? You can make much more profit outside of your independent trading. Share your trades with others and receive a share in a percentage of the profits made. Traders who are strategy providers need to integrate your account on Tickmill Social, and make more profits.

How to Become a strategy provider :

  1. If you don’t have one already, open a Trading Account with Tickmill, You can read our articles how to open tickmill live account
  2. Register as a provider and choose the trading account you want to allow traders to copy
  3. Select the performance fee you want to charge , the frequency and start earning
  4. Trade as usual


Becoming a successful trader takes time, knowledge and experience. Newbie traders can find success by following and copying the trades of successful traders on tickmill. Browse the most successful Tickmill traders by checking their trading history and selecting the ones you want to copy. They trade, you imitate while learning from their successful strategies.

How to Become a follower :

  1. If you don’t have one already, create a Trading Account with Tickmill, You can read our articles how to open tickmill live account
  2. Using the MT4/MT5 credentials and server number you received by email, register as a follower
  3. Choose your favourite Strategy Providers and let them do the work. Start with any amount

All tickmill traders can participate in the copy trading feature, they only need to follow the instructions from the tickmill broker.

In conclusion, Tickmill social trading is a feature that benefits all traders whether strategy providers or followers. Both beginners and professional traders can easily join tickmill social trading.

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