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CXM Direct Cashback

Get Spread or Commission back

# What is CXM Direct Cashback ?
CXM Direct cashback is a form of incentive offered to traders by Pipscash as a forex cashback service. In simple terms, we refund some of the fees ( Spreads or Commissions ) that you incur when trading at broker CXM Direct. it is like getting a discount on your trading fees, allowing you to recover a percentage of what you put out for each trade.


# CXM Direct Cashback Benefits

Cost-effective advantages : One of the main benefits of CXM Direct cashback is the potential cost-saving advantages it provides traders. By getting back a portion of the spread or commission paid to the CXM Direct broker on every trade made whether profitable or losing.

Increased Profitability : CXM Direct cashback can contribute to increased profitability by adding an extra income stream to a trader’s income. Earned CXM Direct cashback can be seen as an added benefit in addition to successful trades.

Risk management : CXM Direct cashback also offers a form of risk management for traders. Even if a trade results in a loss, the partially earned CXM Direct cashback can offset the negative impact. This can help traders reduce losses.


# What is the difference between CXM Direct cashback and CXM Direct rebates ?
CXM Direct cashback
and CXM Direct rebates essentially refer to the same concept. Both involve earning back a portion of the spread or commission paid on each trade. The terms ” cashback ” and ” rebates ” are used interchangeably in the forex industry.

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