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How To Get Exness Cashback Rebates

For New Account & Existing Account

# Rebates for new trading account

The first, Open exness live account through our IB link, to get rebate your Exness account must be registered under our IB. Open live account here

The second, Add your trading account in the member area Pipscash to track rebate history and access all features, if not yet member please Sign up first.

The third, Deposit your account using any method is available in your broker, then trading normally. We will pay the rebate according to our payment schedule , If your account is connected to our IB.

# Rebates for existing trading account

If you already have an exness account and want to place a trading account under the Pipscash IB group.  There are 2 ways to move account under our ib network, you can choose one of them :

Note : However, if your request to move ib is rejected by the broker, we recommend opening a new profile via the Pipscash IB link.

# The First Way

You need to send an email to [email protected] using your registered email at exness. You should also notify us with CC to [email protected] ,  Example emails mentioned below.


Subject : Please put my account under IB sqidedp6


Dear support,

I’m very interesting to join with ib code sqidedp6 ,
Please place my account …………… ( put your account number ) under IB link
Please also link my profile to this IB.
I really appreciate your help to process as soon as possible. Thank you

Kind regards,

Your name


  1. Login to your exness client dashboard
  2. Select the ” Settings ” menu, then select ” Partner Switching “. If the partner change menu does not exist, please go to livechat to activate it.
  3. Please fill in the form provided
    – Choose the reason for changing partners
    – Enter the ib link with
    The web URL and comments fields can be left blank
  4. Please click ” Send “
  5. Done

As soon as your account is placed under our ib by confirmed exness support , Open a new MT4 / MT5 account, then add it to our member area for validation ( only new accounts created after switching ib’s are taken into account )

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