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How To Get FBS Cashback Rebates

For New Account & Existing Account

# Rebates for new trading account

The first, Open FBS  live account through our IB link, to get rebate your FBS account must be registered under our IB. Open live account here

The second, Add your trading account in the member area Pipscash to track rebate history and access all features, if not yet member please Sign up first.

The third, Deposit your account using any method is available in your broker, then trading normally. We will pay the rebate according to our payment schedule , If your account is connected to our IB.

# Rebates for existing trading account

If you already have an FBS account and want to place a trading account under Pipscash IB group, Read our guide how to change FBS IB Bellow

Note : However, if your request to move ib is rejected by the broker, maybe your account is connected with another IB or more than 7 days. We recommend opening a new trading account and connecting to our IB

# Follow the step bellow

  1. Login in FBS personal area here
  2. Enter account settings by clicking trading account in the “Real Account” list
  3. Find the field “Partner Attachment” in the settings, and click the “Attach” button to enter the ID of the new IB:
  4. In the pop-up window, you need to enter the Partner’s ID number 208837 and press the “Attach” button once again.
    If all conditions are met, the account will be re-attached to another IB right away.
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