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Dubai Financial Service Agency

The Dubai Financial Services Agency ( DFSA ) is a regulatory body in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) responsible for regulating and supervising financial services conducted in the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), including banking, insurance, asset management, securities, and commodity futures trading.. Established in 2004, the DFSA aims to maintain and enhance the reputation of the DIFC as a leading global financial hub by promoting investor protection, financial stability, and market integrity.

dfsa - Dubai Financial Service Agency

The DFSA works to protect investors and ensure that financial institutions in the DIFC comply with international regulatory standards. Its mandate also includes developing and implementing policies and regulations that promote the growth and stability of the financial sector in the DIFC.


Functions of the DFSA
The DFSA has several key functions, including licensing and supervision of financial institutions, monitoring and supervision of financial markets, and enforcement of regulatory compliance.

  1. Licensing and Supervision of Financial Institutions
    The DFSA is responsible for issuing licenses to financial institutions operating in the DIFC
  2. Monitoring and Supervision of Financial Markets
    The DFSA is responsible for monitoring and supervising financial markets in the DIFC to ensure thatfinancial transactions are conducted in a fair, transparent, and efficient manner
  3. Enforcement of Regulatory Compliance
    The DFSA has the power to enforce regulatory compliance by financial institutions operating in the DIFC. The DFSA conducts investigations and takes enforcement action against financial institutions that fail to comply with regulatory requirements. Enforcement actions can include fines, sanctions, and license revocation.

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