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Financial Services Commission of British Virgin Island

The Financial Services Commission ( FSC ) of British Virgin Island ( BVI ) is the regulatory body responsible for ensuring the stability and growth of the financial sector in the territory. The FSC’s mandate includes the oversight and regulation of banks, insurance companies, trust and corporate service providers, and investment firms operating within BVI’s jurisdiction. The FSC’s commitment to ensuring a stable and sustainable financial environment has made BVI one of the most attractive offshore financial centers globally. This article examines the role of the FSC in BVI’s financial sector and how it has contributed to the territory’s economic growth.

FSC - Financial Services Commission of British Virgin Island

Functions of the FSC

  1. Regulation and supervision of the financial sector
  2. Licensing of financial service providers
  3. Enforcement of regulatory requirements
  4. Promotion of the BVI financial services industry

Want to know more about FSC of British Virgin Island , visit the Wikipedia site or FSC’s official website

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