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Japan Financial Services Agency

The Financial Services Agency ( FSA ) is a Japanese government agency responsible for supervising and regulating the country’s financial industry. It was established in 2000 to oversee financial institutions, including banks, securities firms, insurance companies, and other financial services providers.

Japan Financial Services Agency - JFSA

The FSA’s activities have a significant impact on Japan’s financial industry. The agency’s supervision and regulation of financial institutions help ensure the stability of the industry and prevent financial crises. Its licensing and registration of financial institutions provide consumers with access to safe and reliable financial services.

The FSA’s financial market surveillance helps maintain the integrity of Japan’s financial markets and promotes investor confidence. Its regulation of financial products and services protects consumers from fraudulent and unfair practices.

The Functions of the FSA

The FSA has several functions, including:

  1. Regulation and Supervision of Financial Institutions
  2. Licensing and Registration of Financial Institutions
  3. Financial Market Surveillance
  4. Protection of Consumers

Want to know more about JFSA , visit the Wikipedia site or JFSA’s official website

Forex brokers under JFSA regulation

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